Welcome to Bryan's Homecentre

All your cycling and hardware needs

Welcome to Bryan's Homecentre, a family-run business serving Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves in our personal service, extensive product knowledge, ability to meet most requirements, and our competitive prices.

Image of Bryan's Homecentre Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire by @bpnewsletter released under Creative Commons

In stock or to order

Whether it's a brand new bike you are looking for, or having an old cycle repaired, we can help.

If your lawn mower is playing up, we can get it fixed. Or we can sell you a new one or a refurbished model. The choice is yours.

If you need a new kettle, a tin of paint, or a particular screw for that awkward job, you have come to the right place.

And if your computer is running slowly, or you have a problem with your smartphone, we can fix those, too.

If there is anything else you are looking for, just tell us what you need, and, if we don't stock it, we will try to help source it for you.